Partly free colour coded press


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Government saw red
With journalists ill-bred
Who dared to ask questions blunt
Not accepting the governmental stunt.

We need to set an example
Drill fear into their skull
But how can this be done?, thundered the king
We have to make sure our pets we don’t fling.

We just identify those with spine
Who refuse to be my kine.
Our lapdogs we reward.
Throw them TRiPe bones or an award.

Find me an unscrupulous hack
Who totally ethics lack.
Give him this task
He can be my mask.

And lo behold
They found a craven toad
Who came up with a plan
To protect the Sanghi clan

Let’s assign them a colour
Depending on their ardour
If they love us, call them white
If not, black shite

Not to make is dense
Those that sit on the fence
Because we are not too keen
Let’s just call them green

And thus it came to pass
This plan that was oh so crass
Was adopted with glee
On a day our democracy was labelled ‘partly free’.


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