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In my last post, I explained why Narendra Modi is unlikely to make it on the national stage in India after Elections in 2014. The question in my mind was “Who are we most likely to see as the Prime Minister of India in 2014?”

Let me go out on a limb and put up my answer here –  Priyanka Gandhi


I have come to this name by a process of elimination. Problem was that the solution space was so limited that she emerged from a pool of two. Read on to see how I came up with her name.
There is no doubt in my mind that the Bharatiya Janata Party does not have the leadership to bury the internal divisions and project a prime ministerial candidate. Too many chiefs and very few Indians (pun intended).

That leaves the UPA (Congress rather) which will win a third term, unless they do something monumentally stupid in the coming year, comfortably. They will win on the back of the cash transfer scheme and incompetence of the opposition which is failing in doing its job.
Once the UPA wins it becomes easy.

I do not think that Dr. Manmohan Singh will want to stay on; he is old and has done his job. With no MMS, the UPA has two Prime Ministerial candidates to offer – Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka.

This is inevitable and cannot be fought. Indian democracy is very fascinating . It has survived by moulding itself and repackaging itself around a feudal set up that we are all familiar with and have been familiar with for over 2000 years. The only parties that do not, more or less, indulge in dynastic rule are the communists and the BJP. The former are not going to be winning anything major in the near future and are hence inconsequential. The latter – well we spoke about them earlier in this post. 

So it is inevitable that sooner or later a Gandhi will come to power. Since Varun has run himself out (wrong genetic pool), that leaves Rahul and Priyanka.

Knowing the intellectual and leadership abilities of Rahul, I would prefer Priyanka.  

She is not being projected NOW. That does not however matter. Like Bismark had once famously said “Politics is the art of the possible”; we will see her magically come to prominence, in spite of Robert Vadra, six months before the elections.