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Last week I wrote about how Mahatma Gandhi was a true revolutionary. Once I did that, how could I leave Nathuram Godse behind?  After all this is a man who has been completely defined by his act of violence against Mahatma Gandhi.  He is only remembered because of his act. He has no other real identity.

Recently there was a news item that the Hindu Mahasabha was going to install statues of Godse in temples across the country.  There has been a great deal of furore over this and the implications on democracy in India. This is my take on the controversy.

Of course it is fine for Indian democracy that someone wishes to and gets to install a statue of Godse.

Please remember that only in a democracy would this be possible. In any other system of government (apart from pure anarchy), this move would get banned because theose in power would not stand for any alternative opinion.

What I find appalling is that a man who chose to use extreme violence against a frail, old apostle of peace, to settle a political difference, has so many followers. It is of course  possible that the Hindu Mahasabha is just using his name to create a racket.

Do I detest Godse and his methods? Yes of course.

Would I visit his statue? Not a chance in hell.

Should others who do not share my opinion be allowed to install it? Yes.

I think the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi is well entrenched and is unlikely to be affected even a whit by this act. Perfectly agree with this sentiment in the cartoon below.