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Spoilers in the post. So if you have not seen “The Door” Episode 06 of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, read ahead at your peril…..

What is happening in the fictional world of the Game of Thrones is increasingly reminding me of past and current geopolitical realities. These thoughts were triggered by a discussion on how evil the White Walkers really were.

white walker

This is how………

Let us say that you have a land that is at a very important geopolitical location. Let us, for convenience sake, call it Afghanistan. The First men, also known as the Soviet Union, come and try and occupy the land destroying its way of life. The children of the forest (Afghans) are perturbed and they try to prevent the First men from spreading their tentacles. They are not getting anywhere and hence with some help from dragon-glass (the CIA) they create the White walkers (Mujahideen).

The White walkers join hands with the children and defeat the First Men who then retreat behind their Wall (Iron curtain).

Now the White walkers have no purpose left. They cannot rule since they are not meant to do that. The only thing they know is to fight. So they continue fighting, killing and plundering in the wildling villages creating their own army of wights (The Taliban). In time they become the Others (Al Quaeda). They form their own purpose – conquest of the world and bending it to their way of life!

Now the White walkers and the wights are coming for the men and there is bugger all that anyone can do about it. Sure the White walkers can be defeated in battles at a great cost but every defeat makes them stronger because like at Hardhome the dead rise and join their armies. This is just like every misplaced drone attack which kills innocents swells the ranks of the Taliban.

So are the White Walkers evil?

To the MEN and the remaining Children of the Forest, they probably are.

To the wights (and men like Craster), they aren’t. They are merely fighting an enemy to preserve and promote their own way of life.